1. Michael 29th May 2017

    I first messaged my thai girlfriend in October 2016. I met her in Bangkok for 10 days in May. I am applying for a tourist visa in August for her to meet my family and friends in the UK. She has a letter from her Hotel manager confirming the trip for 16 days, her salary, job title as chef, and keeping her job open. Is there a minimum number of visits to see her required so do I need to visit her in Bangkok a 2nd time or 3rd time before I apply for the tourist visa? - No

  2. James brown 18th May 2017

    Is it compulsory to show evidence of financial help? My girlfriend has a good income and does not need my assistance whilst living in Thailand. Thank you for a very helpful web page. That is for sponsors. Your GF doesn't need a sponsor.

  3. Richard H 16th May 2017

    Hi, I first connected with my Thai partner on a dating website in December 2016 and then we met in late December 2016 when I went over to see her whilst on holiday. I went back over to Thailand in April 2017 and we got married (planned).
    I want to get a settlement visa for my now Thai wife so I cane bring here back to the UK around the end of 2017 so she will probably apply early November.

    I feel we meet most of the criteria mentioned in your article but we are worried that it may be refused because the relationship has only been just under a year. I cannot find any info on whether there is a minimum time for relationship or not? No there isn't a time limit. You have to prove the relationship is genuine and how long that has been is a matter of opinion not a guideline

  4. Daniela 16th May 2017

    I'm a UK citizens, live work in the uk. I would like to bring my mum over from Thailand ( I only can get a 6months visit visa and she has to return back to Thailand for 6months before she can come back again?!- this is what I got told from the immigration office)
    Is there any way she can stay longer or extend the visa?
    I can support her in full. Got a property and a full time job( £38000+ year) please advice many thanks - No the advice by the immigration office is not correct though the family extension is a complex application with costly fees including the NHS surcharge.

  5. J 6th May 2017

    When applying for a tourist visa does my girlfriend have to take all the documents I.e. Sponsor letter my bank statements proof of photos with her to the embassy on the day? - Yes (assuming you mean on the day of her VFS appointment).

  6. Adrian Ward 4th May 2017

    Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for taking the time to write this webpage and give out such fantastic information, without getting your advice I would never have managed to successfully obtained a visa for my lovely wife to be............

    She has just been to the VFS and collected her visa today, so just in case anybody is thinking about going though this process, I can confirm that if you follow all the steps listed above then you will get your reward in the end, it can be very stressful at times but it is all worth it in the end.

    Thank you once again for all your help and advice, it is very much appreciated.

    Adrian & Amm.

  7. Oliver 22nd Mar 2017

    My wife went to VFS today to submit her spouse visa in Bangkok. She was told by the VFS agent that the uk have suspended spouse visas. Whilst I am aware they passed something in law in February stating minimum earnings. We surpass the minimum earning requirements. Is this just a scare tactic? Seems to also be a bit of chatter about this on the lady in uk Facebook page? - This is to the USA and doesn't apply to countries in SEA. Also the Supreme Court in February ruled that the Government had the right to impose a minimum income. There was no change to the Law.

  8. James 27th Feb 2017

    Could you tell me please if there is a layout for letter to sponsor my girlfriend to come over for 6 months tourist visa - There are a few if you google it. Try immigrationboards but you do not need the declaration as you have to fill in the financial declaration form.

  9. Richard 1st Feb 2017

    Great page and very informative. I have a question that i'd like your opinion on. I meet the financial requirement of £22500 per year for my wife to migrate here but with having 4 kids here in the UK from a previous marriage which i'm paying a lot for through the CSA. Do you think this will mean that they say i don't earn enough to be my wife's sponsor? Thanks for a great page. The financial requirement is 18,600 and the form is not an assessment. When your wife arrives in the UK you can apply for a reduction in maintenance.

  10. John 17th Dec 2016

    Thank you very much.

  11. John 16th Dec 2016

    If a Visa is granted, when can my Thai girlfriend start working in the UK, is it as soon as your married, or do you need to re apply for another type of Visa?

    Thank you for any help or adivice you may be able to give. She will need to apply for an NI number. When that is given to her she can start work

  12. adrian Ward 28th Nov 2016

    Hello, I am a little confused about applying, I assume I apply from UK and my girlfriend applies from Thailand, but how do you link both applications, and do I only have to pay the fee once or twice? any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Great site by the way! - Only your girl in Thailand is applying. You can help her and you can make the application for her but she is the 'Appelant'. You are not applying for anything. You are supplying the funding and she must prove it. You are the 'Sponsor'.

  13. Port 21st Nov 2016

    Whilst travelling in SEA I met a girl in Laos who I would like to bring to the UK to marry. I met her first in February 2016 and then went back to visit her in April 2016 and again in July 2016. I am now working full time in the UK but am going out to see her again in February 2017 and after that plan to visit her in September 2017 and April 2018. On the final trip I will bring all necessary information to apply for the fiance visa but my question is do you think they will decline my application due to not living together or spending extended time together prior to getting married ? We email each other often message each other on Facebook daily and call each other via Facebook once a week. Her English is more than adequate and passing the language test will be a formality. I plan to propose on my next visit to her next year but want to marry in the UK as would like my family there on my big day. Her parents are both deceased but she has brothers and sisters however I haven't met any of them yet. Do you think this is enough timeframe to prove genuine relationship ? I have no financial or housing issues - Yes

  14. Neil 8th Nov 2016

    Hi my wife has won her appeal for a settlement visa how long do we have to wait for the visa to be issued many thanks neil Congratulations. If it was a review it will be a few days till she hears. If it was a judicial hearing (where she had to appear before a lawyer) it will take about 10 days.

  15. Paul 30th Oct 2016

    Thai wife of 20 years in BKK. I am in working in UK and our 3 kids are with me studying. Want to start the process for my wife to be here long term. Do she apply for a spouse visa first? If so, do I have to send original supporting documents to BKK by post? Many thanks Yes she needs a spouse visa if she intends to stay indefinitely. I prefer a courier to post as Thai post service is terrible

  16. Michael 13th Oct 2016

    been married to my Thai wife for nearly2 years,can we bring her 2 girl's for 6 months visit, and if what cost. This kind of question is too simple. Who's girls are they? Where are they? Where are you and your wife? This may sound harsh but 'Please, I am not here to do your research for you'.

  17. Wayne cook 20th Aug 2016

    Hi can I apply for a visit visa for my Thai girlfriend in England ? Or is there anything I can do over here ? Thanks - It is done online not in any country but the appellant has to make the submission in her own country

  18. kev 11th Aug 2016

    we have 3 failed tourist visa applications via agency this year .. both stressed out with it .. as we respond e.g. provide more photos , they come back with different reason for saying no which they could have raised first time .. consequently will they ever say yes . Situation brings on thoughts of marriage then apply spouse visa to come to uk ..process seems to tempt marriage before relationship tested in uk. If tourist visa 3% success rate do chances of getting partner to uk improve if married to say 50% - The statistics for each country are available under the freedom of information act. Thailand has a very high approval rate for all visa types

  19. Benjamin 7th Aug 2016

    Hi. I've been staying in Thailand since December and plan to bring my girlfriend home for 3 or 4 months. over christmas. I have taken time out from work in the UK, and I can't provide the payslips from my employer. My mother came out and stayed with us for 2 weeks in May, And she has agreed to be the sponsor for my girlfriend. My mother is a teacher in the uk, and the two have photographs together during my mothers visit. and Facebook chat history since my mother left. but no evidence of my mother and girlfriend talking about agreeing to sponsor her as it was done via phone, Along with all the relevant financial and accommodation evidence, and letter of invitation my mother will provide, My girlfriend has visited Europe before, and this visa was granted without a sponsor, I HOPE she has a good chance of getting her visa, What do you think? - Sounds good to me

  20. Ben 6th Aug 2016

    Hi all been reading through the post and I want to bring my Thai gf back to the UK for a holiday, she's a big man City fan(to my disgust, I'm a united fan) and I would like to take her to watch a game, what I was wondering is I changed my surname to my mother's maiden name at 18 so it's different to my birth certificate, will that be a problem? No because the question asked is 'Your name as it appears on your passport'

  21. mark U 16th Jul 2016

    I am a disabled man on the higher rate entiltment, can I bring my thai wife to the uk to take care of me. - Yes

  22. michael 8th Jul 2016

    my girlfriend wants to come and visit me in the uk for 6 months but has had 2 applications already refused because they don't believe she will go back, she is a thai national and it is proving very hard to prove she will go back, of coarse she will have no job to return to as no one would give 6 months leave, but she does own land and a motorbike in thailand, but that doesn't seam to be sufficient proof to return. we plan on marriage in future but want to do everything right, by that I mean she comes for 6 months meets my family and friends and learn more about the uk, then she will return to thailand then we plan to apply for a fiance visa for when we plan to marry, then she will return to thailand again and then we would apply for a settlement visa, as all this is the correct way to do things but it's proving difficult to prove her return. any help or advice will be greatly apprieciated

    Yes - read the above.

  23. Harry 2nd Jul 2016

    can anyone tell me how much a Thai woman needs in the bank to get a travel visa in Thailand

    She has to have 100Euros for every day she will be in the UK and must prove how the money got into her account

  24. Brenton 27th Jun 2016

    Thanks for the reply on previous question ,,,, I am now going to apply for a settlement visa I understand my wife has got to do the English test paper in Bangkok which she will do soon ,,,,, is it better to do the visa application in England which I will get a solicitor to help with as she was given a 10 years ban on the last holiday visa due to an error from the lady helping doing our application she has offered to do the settlement visa for free as she feels bad for getting the ban for my wife do you think we should give it another go with this lady or would I be better going to Bangkok getting all the paperwork and coming back to the uk to make the visa and will the 10 year holiday visa refusal effect me doing the long term visa and before doing this is it worth us getting our 11 month daughter her British passport first before making the visa as she has only got a Thai passport now thankyou again

    point one - she has to pass the a1 before you do anything. point two - the visa application is online not in any country. point three - the lady did not make a mistake, she recommended you lie on your application and you went along with it, if that application had been made in Mumbai your wife would now be in prison. point four - why go back and forth to Bangkok? point five - you will have to go to Bangkok if you want to register your daughter as a UK citizen and apply for a UK passport.

    My advice - stop thinking of so many issues and deal with them one at a time. get your wife to do the a1 test first.

  25. Brenton 24th Jun 2016

    Hi I have a Thai wife and baby and have applied for a six month visa and been refused. As I knew little about the process and her English is limited we engaged the help of a visa shop. In filling out the application form she came to the, have you been turned down for a visa before question. She informed the lady that she had been refused once in 2008. The Thai lady informed her that it would not be relevant and it was not mentioned on the application. She has now been turned down for deception and banned from applying for ten years. The Thai lady is prepared to write an admission that it was not mentioned because of her, is there any way of appealing against this ten year ban, or alternatively of applying for a different visa?

    You cannot appeal the ban but you can appeal the use of the ban to refuse a visa application

  26. Alan 10th May 2016

    Hi does anyone know how long settlement visas are taking to be processed in bangkok ? There is a link above to look it up

  27. anonymous 12th Apr 2016

    You don't have to have a return ticket to get a tourist visa. I have brought my Thai girlfriend to England twice and only get the tickets after she has been granted a visa. She will have to have a return ticket to be allowed onto the plane though. This is correct and I have corrected the below answer. Thank you

  28. Glennster 23 15th Mar 2016

    Hello everyone - Just to say, I think its a great website, and the forums as well as info in the website is very informative. I have a Thai girlfriend, who is living in Thailand (only been to Cambodia in terms of going out of Thailand) who I would like to bring to England in May 2016, on a Tourist Holiday visa, for 5-6 months. After this I hope to spend a longer time back in Thailand than I have done so far (I've met her on 2 previous holidays in Thailand of 30 days each) and I am in the process of organising a 3rd visit in April for 30-45 days.
    Currently she is unemployed, living back with her family in Surin (who I have been told own a rice farm, though Sugar cane seems to be being farmed there now.) Until recently though, she has been working as a Bar Girl in Pattaya and Jomtien Beach, which was where I met her. Allegedly she worked on the family rice farm till 2013(?) with a stint at one of her Sisters' (Sister's Farang Husband's) pizza restaurant in Jomtien Beach till mid 2015, when she started the Bar work... I have seen photos of her Pre-Bar (you might say) in the restaurant and a business card for the place, as well as have had a brief conversation with her sister over Skype in broken English, but that's it.
    If I apply now, how likely is it she will get a Tourist Visa? I was hoping I could get her a flight back with me to England, departing say mid-May, along with her return flight to Thailand for October/November 2016 (& I would possibly go back to Thailand with her in November.)
    So: Bearing in mind what her job has been until recently, getting paid only in cash, what am I best putting on her Visa4UK application form? That she's been a Bar Girl, but currently Unemployed? Or that she's worked at the restaurant & is currently unemployed? Or that she is working in some capacity on the family farm? (despite not really seeing any evidence of said farm, only that she & rest of family is out in the country somewhere in Surin!) Maybe its worth noting, she has no money of her own to speak of and as she will not be able to work in the UK, I will have to provide all the financial support for her, from April to November 2016 (& perhaps beyond, depending how well we get on..) So provided they deem I have enough money in my UK bank account to keep her, and have bought her a return ticket to Thailand, is it really relevant what her job is/was?
    Any helpful advice about this and other potential pitfalls on the Visa4UK form would be appreciated, especially as its my first time filling it out! I'm reluctant to throw away £500-600 to some dodgy Middle Man company, bearing in mind what I've read on the subject on this website! As well as the copies (originals for Interview in Bangkok??) of my bank accounts, a supporting letter from me detailing how/ where we met etc with photos(as I saw mentioned elsewhere on the site here) any other info to definitely include?
    And what do you think are my chances of actually getting her a Tourist Visa, bearing in mind our situation? And is it a prerequisite that I buy her a ticket to UK & back to Thailand BEFORE I get the Visa? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance and kind regards! - Similar question to below with the addition of tickets - Do not buy a ticket until your visa is approved and then: Yes you must buy a return ticket.

  29. Tim B 14th Mar 2016

    Great website. Thank-you. I would like to bring a Thai lady on a holiday Visa. It's actually my friends wife's sister - he lives in Thailand and has been married for five years. She is a prostitute in Thailand. Shall I say she is unemployed? To say she works in a bar or is unemployed both seem like terrible things to put on a visa application. Please help. Thanks in advance. - Refreshingly honest of you Tim but I have removed your name from above. When you apply for a visa it asks for employers name etc. it does not ask what job she does.

  30. Peter 14th Mar 2016

    I have lived with my Thai wife for 4yrs, married for 2 of those years. I have 2 Thai/British daughters from a previous marriage who i have sole custody awarded by the Thai court.

    I have been working legally in Thailand for the last 12yrs and now have the opportunity to outsource my role from the same company to myself, based in the UK. My income will far exceed the minimum requirement and an 18mth future contract of employment can be shown as well as a long histopry of employment in Thailand. My concern is that i wish to relocate with my wife and kids together, but we will be staying with freinds initially while we search for our new home together...i fear this may be a big problem based on requirements of having a home...any thoughts ? - This isn't a problem. Provide evidence and a letter from your prospective landlords ie: mum and dad etc

  31. Matt 2nd Mar 2016


    We would like to apply for a tourist visa for my Thai girlfriend. I have been here since November living together. My two concerns are getting originals of bank statements etc and obviously no payslips ( I do have a somewhat healthy bank account).. Will copies and or internet statements suffice... No - read the above again...

  32. Paul 20th Feb 2016

    I am a British citizen looking to get my thai girlfriend a UK tourist visa, I am currently working in Australia and have been for the last 8 months, regarding bank statements and money, does my money need to be in my English account or my australia bank account when we present our documentation, as most all of my money is in my australian account because I have been here for 8 months? Thanks in advance - It is not relevant where your money comes from or where it goes. Only that you have a regular income.

  33. Simon 28th Jan 2016

    Hello, My Thai girlfriend has been refused a UK Visitor Visa for the second time recently and we both feel at a complete loss as to what we can do next. It seems virtually impossible to get just 1 months fully sponsored visit for my girlfriend to come to the UK. Can anyone help with this or are our chances of getting a UK Visitor again now over? Thanks for all your efforts your advice seems to have helped so many people. I only wish I had seen your posts prior to applying in July 2015 and then again in Jan 2016.

  34. Tony 22nd Dec 2015

    Can you please tell me if there is any allowances made for disabled people who are wanting to bring there spouse back to the UK?
    I am a disabled ex service man in receipt of a war disabled pension, other disability benefits and a charitable monthly payment made by the blind veterans UK. My monthly income is approximately £2400 with no children so my concerns are financial not being employed lack of wage slips etc any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    It isn't so much a concession it is that the ECO cannot discriminate against you on the grounds of disability. Your income is more than adequate and you should apply through the normal channels and follow my guide above but explain that your income is disability based.

  35. Mark 15th Oct 2015

    The UKBA have given two different reasons for refusal of a UK tourist visa, do you think it is worth applying again, or do you think that it is just a numbers game and they are bowing to the UK political climate and finding any excuse not to grant tourist visas?

    I think your cynicism is justified but worth noting that 1in4 Thai visitors to the UK overstay

  36. Sam 7th Oct 2015

    Hi our settlement visa was rejected the other day based on family grounds. I currently work in Saudi and make way above the minimum required. We have a child which I understand would take the minimum to 22400 pounds. I am not sure of the exact reason we were rejected. My parents invited my wife to stay, provided proof of purchase of house etc. Do you think it is because I have no job waiting for me in the UK that the visa failed?

    To my horror the law has been changed regarding income and it is grossly unfair. You must demonstrate your future employment is secure.

  37. Poh Chan 2nd Oct 2015

    Hi Rich,thank you for your help and even answering my emails on the weekends,could not have done without your help and guidance.it took only 4 weeks

  38. Duncan 30th Sep 2015

    Hey Rich!

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help and guidance as we obtained the wife settlement visa after just 6 weeks. We could not of done it without you. Thanks again for everything.

    Best wishes mate

    Duncan and Pin

  39. Bob 29th Sep 2015

    I am a UK citizen and live at present in Thailand. I have been married to a Thai lady for over 10yrs and now want to return to the UK with her. I meet all financial requirements etc, but will be living in a flat owned by my daughter. How do I present this side of things to them? Do we mock up a tenancy agreement?

    No. Your daughter can send a letter with details of the property and giving permission for you to live there with your wife.

  40. Dean Roberts 28th Sep 2015

    Are Thai children (10 year old)exempt from the English language requirement under Appendix FM?

    All students are exempt.

  41. Adrian 22nd Sep 2015

    I have been long distance dating my Thai girlfriend for 7 months. We first met and spent a week together in February and she then spent 2 weeks with me in the UK in August. We have planned that I will go visit her in Thailand in January for 2 weeks.

    All we want to do is be together and afford to live a reasonably comfortable life. We thought about me selling up and moving to Thailand but employment is limited for me there. I currently tick all the boxes as a UK resident suitable to support her living with me in the UK, however, I am still very confused about the best way for her to obtain a visa that will enable her to stay in the UK without a prolonged financial and emotional stress of constantly applying for visas with the UK immigration and potentially spending yet more time apart whilst they process the visas each time.

    I like your article, however, I am still struggling with what to do next because the UK immigration website is in my opinion difficult to understand. Are you suggesting the best way is to go to Thailand and marry her and she can then submit the marriage certificate with the application for settlement visa?

    As I read it, the UK immigration web page would have me believe that the way they suggest we do this is to get her to apply for a partner/fiancee visa then marry her in the UK in the first 2 months then get her to apply for a spouse visa in the UK so she can transfer to the spouse visa then pay again at the end of the spouse visa for an indefinite leave to remain visa, then apply for a settlement visa..... phew! That sounds expensive and at the beginning she cant work until we are married. Sound expensive and very stressful to me.

    Whatever route I choose, I just want it to be the route that means we don't have to go broke or be apart for any more time than is absolutely necessary.

    There isn't an easy way. If you want to be together your only option is the ten year route

  42. stewart 22nd Aug 2015

    Hi there I am currently in the process of gathering my documents for my wife to apply for her visitor visa. We intend coming to Scotland for 3 months and then returning to thailand. I have read the guide you have provided and it is by far the most helpful but I'm struggling a little with what to provide from my end. Could you give me a dumbed down check list please? I have all the pay slips and reference from employer and my tenancy agreement as well as bank statements showing my savings, wages and transfers to my wife. What else do I need. Thank you so much for this guide

  43. Matthew 24th Jul 2015

    Thanks for the help Visa has been granted.Thank you so much

  44. Mick 13th Jul 2015

    Hi I'm retired so I'm not recieving a large income but I do part own a hotel valued at £800.00 my ex wife and I still own half each, we are currently undergoing a split of this business too, could I still get a visa to bring my Thai wife into the UK without a large income, I also own a small holiday cottage where we will stay, also at this point no large savings thank you in advance

    Sounds like your financial situation is better than average Mick though you do need to liquidate your assets so that the financial value is accessible eg: your house value doesn't count, sell it and put the money in the bank does count - but then where do you live? (tip: Do not expect the rules to make any sense)

  45. gerry 5th Jul 2015

    Hi Am trying for 6 month holiday visa for my thai girl freind to cone uk but I have irish passport is this a problem

    Guys please read other posts. This has been asked before. You are an EU resident and SHE is applying for a visa not you. SHE is also applying to visit a resident in the UK not a UK National.

  46. Craig 4th Jul 2015

    I'm going to apply for a 6 month family visa for my Thai wife in September. We got married last December in Thailand. We are not applying for a settlement visa just for her to come and visit for 6 months and then go back to Thailand. Do I need all these requirements? I know they need 6 months payslips and proof that we have been in contact which we have but will she need to take an English test?

    Also do I have to have 6 months payslips from the same employer? If I was offered another job with better pay could I send 5 payslips from one and 1 form the new employer as long as there were running concurrent, mar, apr, may, jun, jul, aug.

    You probably want a general visit or tourist visa not family visit. Yes the sponsor documents to prove you are financially stable are the same but no you do not need any tests. Yes you can change your job.

  47. Darren J 28th Jun 2015

    Hi I am looking to bring my Thai girlfriend to the uk. Firstly on a visitor visa. I am getting all paperwork together do we have to both be in Thailand at the same time together to apply for her visa as I am struggling to go back over there At the moment due to work restraints

    No - the application is being made by your GF for her self. Only she needs to be in Thailand

  48. Matthew 19th Jun 2015

    I applied for a Spouse Visa on the 11th of May using my wife's Two Jobs all part-time 1st one wages for 12months £6485 2nd one wages for 12 months £8995 plus Maintenance grant from College £6718 total £22208 My wife's MP wrote the UKVI MP hotline following up on application and they said they were going to make a decision on the 5th of June 2015 or before but up to now we haven't heard anything so far.

    Too many questions: is the Grant a research grant. Is it college or Uni. Is the part time work less than six months old or on zero hours. And to be really cruel - this is why it is being increased to 25k.

    It's University Maintenance grant from Student finance and work is part time through Agency she works when work is available and when required the first job she started in 2009 up to now the Second 2013 up to now so both jobs more than 6 months

    It's a matter of opinion. I cannot preempt what the ECO will decide but your position is not a positive one.

  49. feez 29th May 2015

    I'm married to thai wife and she'll start visa application soon. She took IELTS (general test) in May 2015 and passed with overall score 5.5. Does she need to take IELTS Live Skill as UKVI mentioned that starting April 2015, this new test will be replace the IELTS test for spouse visa?

    Appreciate your comment. Thanks.

    No - you may have the wrong certification for your wife unless she is coming here on a work permit?

  50. Andy 23rd May 2015

    I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years and have just been refused a settlement marriage visa on the grounds that I did not provide enough evidence of my financial position which is ample 50k.

    I am guilty of only supplying 5 months payslips and now realise I need to send bank statements ect. I have now collected all the information I need according to the ECO. My questions are

    1) Can/Should I appeal with all my updated documents (any point?)

    2) Or do I need to start the application again (and hence pay another 1k!)

    3) If they only failed it on these grounds, does that mean that if the issue is sorted all the rest is OK (i.e. do they list all the reasons for refusal or just the first one they come across?) - I assume if OK she will still get an interview which she could fail of course, I understand.

    Thanks for any help at all! So frustrating :-(

    Yes you should appeal on the grounds that 5 payslips was sufficient evidence but give them everything they want in your appeal.

  51. Paul 8th May 2015

    Hi chap can you help me been married to my Thai wife for two years now shy came to UK for six months that was great tried for married visa got knocked back now I am going to tribunal in June now I have been told if I don't have 18600 net profit from my business I will lose so I said what about another six month visa at least we will be together for six month my solicitor said she will not get it so I don't know what to do now.

    It is not the Advocate's job to tell you what the decision will be. His job is to present the case. Everybody should read all the posts by Michael R. He was in a worse position than this, he went and learned the law, then he presented a watertight case and won. He did what everyone should do and he did it without a lawyer.

  52. Duncan I 28th Apr 2015

    Myself and my girlfriend are getting married at the end of June, We are both not sure of when will be the best time to put in our application for the spouse visa which i understand should be made on-line, then they give us an appointment to hand in all the relevant documents. Would you recommend before or after the wedding?

    Start your application now. Book the appointment when you are in Thailand.

  53. peter 16th Apr 2015

    Hi Rich, thanks for your help so far, could you tell me the total cost of useing visa4uk to bring my girlfriend back to England on a 6 month tourist visa...thanks.

    If you mean fco.gov.uk then the fees are on visa-fees.homeoffice.gov.uk. Currently 133USD

  54. Nigel D 14th Apr 2015

    We want to get married but do it know which is the best path to take. Do we marry in thailand or do we marry in uk with a marriage visit visa. Or should we only apply for a 6 month tourist visa to start with. I am a Irish citizen living and working in the uk. I am self employed and earn over £20000 a year. . Do I have the same rights as a British citizen when applying for visa for my girl friend. Who do I contact to start the process . We talk to each other every day for hours on face time. So we do of have any phone bills to prove. We do have some emails from last year. My girl has good job in hotel where she is a personal asistant to her Canadian boss's.

    Please - start at the top of the page and read down. Your questions are all answered above.

  55. peter 14th Apr 2015

    Hi, looking to bring my thai girl friend over on a tourist visa, got in touch with siam legal and they told me we really need to be together about 6 month to show we have a serious relationship...is that correct?

    No - and is why you shouldn't use siam legal

  56. Michael R 12th Apr 2015

    Success! Finally got a spouse visa for my wife! It's taken 4 months since we appealed the original incorrect refusal. I had my local MP involved, wrote complaints to HMCTS and finally asked for an expedite request on the grounds of it being incorrect and me not having a right to a family life. This was granted by a judge and my hearing was scheduled for 3 weeks time, a week before the hearing my wife was contacted by the UK embassy & told to come down and her visa will be issued! They backed down and I feel totally vindicated but still really peeved as it still took too long.

    Rich, you have helped me so much, there seems to be nowhere to turn to other than yourself (or a costly solicitor) you've provided me with all the info needed and I really can't thank you enough. Cheers.

  57. Kevin Reynolds 8th Apr 2015

    My Thai girlfriend has had her visa refusal how do I go about appealing this decision ?? Please help me I need to know what to do next

    read the refusal letter. It is usually on the last page

  58. Alan 23rd Mar 2015

    Hi I'm looking at bringing my Thai girlfriend over for 3 months does she need money in her bank or is it fine with just mine and generally how much savings do I need to bring her here?

    Yes you can sponsor her. The financial rule is that you must have an income of £18,600pa minimum and or 100euros for every day she will be in the UK

  59. Dai D 14th Mar 2015

    Hi Rich, just would let you know again thanks for helping me get a visitor visa about a year and a half ago, since then have gone back to Thailand a couple of times and I married Wan. We applied for a settlement visa on the 26th Feb. Visa was Granted today 14 March ( not a bad turn around )for entry on 24th April. Thank you again for all your help and I didn't hassle you this time

  60. Michael R 8th Mar 2015

    I applied for my wifes settlement visa in September, it was refused on bogus grounds in late November, we appealed immediately and finally received a letter acknowledging it & informing us that we would receive a letter after 05/05/15 to tell us the next step in the appeal. I complained to HMCTS, who handle the appeal, about the length of the process and was informed that I could ask for an EXPEDITE REQUEST on the grounds of it ruining our lives, this request goes to HMCTS and an immigration judge & he/she has the authority to speed things up, thankfully I now have an oral hearing at the end of this month. I hope this info is helpful.

    When you make an appeal there are two options of Oral Hearing or Administrative Review. If you request an Oral Hearing there is an option for Fast Tracked. For the Tier one appeal you can request Fast Tracked but there are no guidelines as to timescale (except on the appellants part)

  61. Pete R 5th Mar 2015

    Been with my thai girl friend for 6yrs got engaged got married in 2014 June. ,put in for a settlement so she could work in uk so wee could build a future . All dashed as she was refused entry vies . She would be an asset to this country as she is a dentist . The home office has destroyed my future.

    A lot of British Citizens can empathise with your sentiments Peter

  62. Stephen 22nd Feb 2015

    Please could you email me so advise,I want to bring my thai girlfriend to England fo an holiday,the only trouble is I'm recieimg invalidity benefits,if I put enough money into the thai lady's bank account can she get a visa for a holiday with out a sponsor

    No. Nobody should put money in a Thai girls bank account and if you can do that you can sponsor her. I have heard too many try to make their GF look like she is sponsoring herself and none of them were successful because it looks like people trafficking.

  63. Dean Roberts 17th Feb 2015

    Matthew, keep us posted. My wife knows a few Thai women who have experienced quick turnaround times and all been granted visas, and yet one woman who waited 9 weeks and was refused?

    Matt has emailed me this morning to say their visa was approved.

  64. Matthew Day 11th Feb 2015

    Hi Dean, Hi Doug, My fiance is indonesian, we have a 2 year old son, William who is a British citizen. We appiled for a Fiance visa via Bangkok, thats where they are processed on the 29th of january. she received an email saying a decision has been made today. that is a very quick turnaround. I was under the impression it was 30/60 working days. Any ideas guys?

    Yes - If your application is good you get dealt with first. If you have failed at the first stage of assessment you will get a quick response. I hope your result is also good.

  65. Dean Roberts 27th Jan 2015

    My wife has been granted a Visa. Amazing turnaround time. We are both over the moon and cannot thank Rich enough for all his help and advice.

  66. Dean Roberts 27th Jan 2015

    Having applied on the 9th January, and my wife having met VFS Global on the 13th January, she has received an automated email from the British Embassy today advising that UK Visas and Immigration has made a decision on her visa application and her documents will be ready for collection from the visa application centre after 2 working days. Fingers crossed.

  67. Dean Roberts 13th Jan 2015

    @Tom: My wife applied online last week and the $1,513 settlement application fee came in at 1,035 for me. Ouch, but worth it. My wife met VFS Global today and they confirmed all the correct documentation was present and that it could take 2-4 months for an answer. Fingers crossed.

  68. Doug 10th Jan 2015

    thanks for the email Rich - calms the nerves a little bit

  69. Doug 7th Jan 2015

    I would be glad for any advice. My Thai wife and I have an 11 month old son, but he has a UK passport, so no visa needed for him

    (Am I correct in thinking that because he has a UK passport, then he does not need to be included in the income requirement calculations - though I can meet the requirement even if he needs to be included)

    We submitted our application detailing our relationship and that we had an 11 month old son - we provided photocopies of my son's UK passport and his Thai birth certificate. I received a phone call asking me to provide details of previous marriage even though I have never been married before. They also asked me who my son's mother was and who takes care of him. This problem was resolved when I told them that my son;s mother was the applicant.

    Today we received 'REFUSAL OF ENTRY CLEARANCE' for my wife, and informing us of our right of appeal. The reason being that I had not supplied evidence of my earnings from self employment. Although I am self employed, I am permanent as a sales agent for a national company and receive commission only. Each week I receive cheque and a payslip from the company detailing my pay. I supplied 26 of these payslips covering the previous 6 months. In addition, I am in receipt of a small company pension. I provided a P60 for this and they calculated that this was my only income.

    I do not want to go through the expensive appeals process (how much does it cost by the way) and I do not know who to contact. I can't find a phone number here or in BKK to contact anyone as I think this is a bureaucratic error, but don't know how to go about rectifying it.

    I can't really afford to go to Thailand at the moment, but if this would help, then will go.

    I have emailed you Doug but the appeals procedure is at the end of the refusal letter. An oral appeal is 140 and resubmission is 80. Recent refusals such as yours seem deliberate, they refuse, you pay more

  70. Boran Rodgers 28th Dec 2014


    I am planning to go to Thailand in January and was planning to register freedom to marry so we can marry in April and use Orchid of Siam to take care of marriage and Visa but concerned now after reading this. Can you give any advice for me as I don't wish to marry and end up with no Visa for her especially as I am paying for everything

    I'm sorry Boran I don't think there is much anybody can help you with if your only reason for marrying a Thai girl is to get a wife.

    My advice is to forget the idea because you obviously do not love her nor do you consider her as permanent. If you think marrying her and not getting a visa is a waste of money then she is already a waste of money. sorry to be so brutal but you need to reconsider whether this is what you really want before going ahead with it.

    Which is more important to you - The girl or your money?

  71. Tom 25th Dec 2014

    @Paul: the advice being offered above refers to a UK Settlement Visa for a Family Member (UK Immigration Directorate Instructions Appendix FM), and NOT a visitor visa. Had you applied for a UK Spouse Settlement Visa, your application would have undoubtedly failed.

    That said, some of the information given above is indeed out of date. For example, VFS is now located at Trendy Building just off Sukhumvit. And the fee is £895 which has to be paid online and is charged in US Dollars, not Pounds Sterling (exchange rate rip-off alert).

    With regards to up-to-date evidence requirements and so on, well, the official and comprehensive UKVI guidance is available for free on the UKVI web site and includes examples of he evidence required by the ECO, e.g. Appendix FM (SE) - Specified Evidence.

  72. Paul 22nd Dec 2014

    Not all above is true, I only gave 3 months payslips, only 1 ID, and earned less than £18600 a year, got visa no problems, no interview. 6 months visitor visa.

    It would help if you explained all of your application because your income as sponsor is a minimum requirement. It WAS NOT approved based on your comment here. You are correct that the above is out of date but it IS still correct even for a 6 month general visit visa.

  73. ray walker 7th Dec 2014

    Thanks for the information it is very helpful. Just one question at the moment, after i complete the vaf4 and vaf4a applications do i send them along with all my other documentations to my wife (yes sorry i all ready married her ) in order for her to produce them at the immigration office. Or can i just save them as a pdf files so the immigration office in Thailand can download them?

    send the online login details to your wife and she can print it out to take to her VFS appointment

  74. Alan 29th Nov 2014

    Hi,great site and comments..my query is this,my thai wife and i have been legaly married in Thailand for 4 years,in that time I have been staying in Thailand for 5 months a year and taking her back to U.K. for 6 months on a tourist visa.They now say no more tourist visas for her,so what are my options now ?I am self employed in the U.K.

    your wife needs a spouse visa. use the above guide.

  75. Rayma 23rd Nov 2014

    We want to apply uk spouse visa with 2 different jobs. he got his second job's first month pay in cash not in his account but tax paid properly . Rest properly paid in his account . Would it be a problem not having only a bank statement . We can prove that tax properly paid ,we have p60 ,hmrc tax paying letter. I read in their notes FM SE 1.7 3.4.2. Decision-makers are also able to grant an application despite minor evidential problems (but not where specified evidence is missing entirely). Can you please advise on this basis, as stated above, my evidence is missing only for a months just a bank statements , But income earned legally.

    you are correct Rayma. Put all your evidence together and label them to show which payment and date can be found where.

  76. Paul Aslett 10th Nov 2014

    I disagree in some circumstances you should seek professional help, to qualify for a UK settlement visa you can for example use savings to offset your income if below 18,600. Other income such as gross rental income, pensions can all be used.

    Many people would not get a visa unless they used an agent - I'm talking registered agents not some Pattaya travel agent anybody giving UK immigration advice should be registered with the OISC.

    Sorry but advertising isn't allowed Paul and I have heard some stories of failed applications done by thaivisa-express.com. If I fail I can appeal or re-apply for little or no money. If you fail you charge the client more money. You are in it for a profit. My payback is joyousness. You have no vested interest in success. But sadly the appellant does. And that's where you and I differ.

  77. nigel 31st Oct 2014

    Terrific description of what is needed. Thanks very much - I'm very grateful

  78. Ian Skinner 28th Oct 2014

    I'm looking to take my Thai gf to the UK for a short two week visit and a family wedding in September 2015. only thing is I have lived in Singapore 3 years I am from the UK. will that make my application harder? also can I apply at the embassy here in Singapore.

    What country you are in doesn't matter. All please read above carefully. This is not your visa application, it is your Thai GF application. She must apply in Thailand.

  79. Robert Walker 27th Oct 2014

    My friend who Deaf lives in UK and his Girlfriend who Deaf as well she lives in Thailand and see each other lots on online and he been went Thailand for holidays fine and now She wants come to UK for her Holiday but her apply OK but at the Airport in Thailand stopped her to go and i wonder why that? they moments heartbroken and could be end of relationship each other but don't want do that and try find how get her through to UK for Holiday?

    Too many reasons Robert. Age verification, money, incorrect date, faulty passport details....

  80. Robin Smith 24th Oct 2014

    Hi great site learned a lot, I read somewhere that before I can apply for a marriage/spouse visa I need to have know my girlfriend for 2 years is that correct.

    No it is not correct.

  81. Dan 11th Oct 2014

    Hey, great comments by the way.

    we have all the paperwork ready, all I for from home invite letters, pictures if the house, deeds to the house and council tax bills. Provided statements from me 'boyfriend' and her in excess of 150,000 bht

    Reserved flight tickets. Rent agreements for Thailand, car repayments etc. satellite bills.

    I know you said don't use a company but they are saying we need to show more money?

    We have pictures together I've been in Thailand myself for a long period also.

    Yes I do say do not use a company because they will make a mess of it. £3k isn't much money, do you also have an income?

  82. Dean Roberts 14th Sep 2014

    Would the VCO take into consideration funds which my Thai wife possesses and wishes to bring/transfer to the UK? By funds I mean in excess of £25,000.

    You're not allowed to take that much money out of Thailand

  83. Michael R 12th Aug 2014

    Hi again, I'm trying to fill out the visa form on the apply for someone else page & I'm not sure if I'm being thick or not but on the family details section am I filling in details regarding myself and my parents or my wife and her parents or even myself and her parents It is quite confusing. Thanks for any feedback.

    Fill in the form as if you were her - it'll make life easier.

  84. Patrick 9th Aug 2014

    I am self employed but do not earn £18,600 I have good savings. Own my home. We have been together 1 year. Do I have problems bringing my Thai wife on a settlement visa to UK?

    If your circumstances are that clear cut the visa application will be refused on the grounds you cannot provide for her without use of public funds

  85. Saleena 8th Aug 2014

    Thank you so much for ur help .its really helpfull.

    I have one more question ? Please tell me Can we take 3rd party support in now days and how 3rd party can support by income or savings ?

    Crops up a lot - anyone can sponsor but must have a reason to do so such as parents or boyfriend. In the application explain who the sponsor is and provide proof of their income as bank statements, p60, payslips etc.

  86. Saleena 23rd Jul 2014

    Hi I want to apply for uk spouse visa .my husband has been working with two different employers.he has been with his full time job since 5 yrs earning £13000pa and with his part time job for 5 months £6000 pa. - weather it is 6 months or 12 months payslips, if it's more then one job you are using to meet the threshold... Thanks

    It is six months regardless and needs to be paid into your bank account.

  87. chris 18th Jul 2014

    Great advice, my lady wants to visit I'm a pensioner and get disability allowance. Dose she have to have a job in Thailand and how much are they expecting her to have for a up to six week stay. Thanks

    If you are registered disabled different rules apply because of the equal opportunities act. Your GF must satisfy the ECO that she will return to Thailand but she doesn't have to have any kind of income or savings and can be wholly sponsored by you.

  88. Michael R 14th Jul 2014

    Hiya, fantastic advice and so helpful, can I ask you, do I need to send my original birth certificate and p60? Also will my wife need to get our translated copy of the marriage certificate notarised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Thanks again.

    No - copy your certificates and sign them and an official translate is notarised by the translators seal.

  89. Rima 18th Jun 2014

    I want to apply for uk spouse visa . My husband has been working for a company for last six months. His monthly gross is £1570. He has no savings. Do we need to wait for more six months because our bank statements shows only last six month's amount (£9420gross) plz advise us what should we do?

    Read the above requirement

  90. P chan 13th Jun 2014

    Hi I have finish the application form but the date the agency gave is not convenient and I have not paid the fee can I hold on to the application forms until later date

    Yes - the VFS is the submissions office not the visa office so the attendance time can be any that suits you but you must inform them before the appointment time allotted to you.

  91. Pearse 1st May 2014

    I'm looking into either a visitor or student visa for my fiance to come to England ASAP. Do living arrangements matter? I'm living in shared accomodation, so would I need to get my own place or is this of no concern? Thanks

    what the ECO wants to see is that you can provide accommodation, it doesn't matter what the accommodation type is

  92. John 21st Apr 2014

    Hi, i want my thai girl friend of nearly 4 years to come visit me in the uk for a month next month. we have nearly all the paperwork together, my bank statements, my wage slips and letter of permanent employment and salary. for her she has the money transfers, ownership of land/motorbike and sons reg number. because i am back here now what happens as im sending copies of my passport/driving license? are they ok? i am also living at home but have a letter of my family saying she is welcome to stay here...any help would be great

    they don't want your driving license. it has to be more relevant than that so you need your birth certificate, passport and evidence you are a UK resident like council tax bill and utility bills.

  93. Daniel 7th Apr 2014

    I just wanted to say thanks for this guide it made it really easy for me to complete a visitor visa for my tgf, hopefully I will be using it again next year as a guide for a settlement one :-)

  94. Tony and Jeab 17th Feb 2014

    Cheers Rich you are an absolute legend. My wife and son now have their settlement visas and we are all happily freezing our asses off in the UK. Your help was fantastic when visa information was impossible to find elsewhere on the net. 5 years in the making but we got there in the end. Thanks for everything.

  95. mark 16th Feb 2014

    Hi,very helpful web page..ive been married to Thai lady for approx 3 years now,been together 6 years,she visited the UK for 6 months in summer of 2012. l now want to get a settlement visa for her to come stay for minimum 2 years,we plan to work together and save to get the flock out of the UK and reside back in Thailand,Im now 52 and know I can get a retirement visa to stay,what I really need is am i applying for the right visa?..

    That depends on why you want to bring your wife here. Is it to obtain any UK status? a general visit visa can be for up to 5 years and would likely be suitable..

  96. Tony 13th Feb 2014

    Hi wondered if you can help I have got married to a Thai girl last November and filling in a settlement Visa for her to come to UK on the form there a Query one is on the sponsor details it does not give spouse as a option What is their relationship to you? What is this persons' relationship to you? WE WROTE OTHER AS SPOUSE WAS NOT A OPTION.

    The form does say it is Beta so it has quite a few foibles and they need feedback from you to tell them what is wrong. They replied to me same day.

  97. Anders 9th Feb 2014

    if a thai girl study in uk and want to visit sweden,,must she show 1000p in Airport for leave the uk

    You will have to check with the Swedish immigration service but the rules across EU countries are the same

  98. mylene salvador 3rd Jan 2014

    Hi,i have a scottish boyfriend for almost 1 yr and i want to visit him,should i need to show any amount of money to be able to get or apply for a visit visa?and if that so,how much would it be?

    Either yourself or your sponsor can provide evidence of financial status and it is not necessary for both of you to do that. If you are paying for your own trip you need 100Euro per day in a bank account but this is not a requirement for a sponsored visit, it only applies to tourists.

  99. Ally 16th Dec 2013

    Is it ok to send a copy of the title deeds and not the original or certified ones?

    Yes that's fine but you must sign them and include a copy of your passport also signed

  100. Ariful islam 30th Nov 2013

    How i check online my Thailand visa is approved.

    You cannot check the progress of any visa application. You have to wait for the Embassy to contact you.

  101. Jamie Newhall 28th Nov 2013

    Hi I am looking for a tourist visa for my Thai girlfriend of more than 2 years to come to the UK and visit my parents. It is all so hard to understand, I have read your guidance in detail and have many questions, which maybe you could answer by private correspondance?

    My first question is that my Thai girlfriend is convinced she needs 100,000 Thai Baht in her bank account to have any chance of success. But your guidance suggests that any such money should be in my bank account to prove I can support her during her period of visit.

    Hi Jamie - I have emailed you but the guide above is correct and NOT suggestive.

  102. Stuart pearson 20th Nov 2013

    Hi my wife has had a six month spell in the uk now we want a marriage visa but am stuck in the loop hole of where to start any help would be appreciated very much


    Do what you you did last time Stuart and check it against the guide above.

  103. Gary slater 9th Nov 2013

    I would just like to say that this. Web page has made my 6 months of looking for information on getting a thai visa for my gf so simple to follow and understand thank you so much , you will make a lot of people happy and glad you have spent the time to help others out , I am trully greatfull thank you g.slater

  104. mohamed 31st Aug 2013

    hi i am mohamed from algeria i am marry with british woman she live with me in algeria from 2 years ago . how i can get visa spouse after 4 years married outsid uk?

    and how i can take my visa marriage now if i don't want wait 4 years? and please who can tell me about best way and thank u for help

    The rules are the same for all non-EU countries. There is no minimum period before you can apply for a spouse visa, and your wife can use the guide above to apply.

  105. Paul Aslett 12th Aug 2013

    For a UK tourist visa you dont need to show account, just show you can maintain & accommodate her without recourse to public funds.

    I didn't know that - useful knowledge if you haven't got the statements

  106. Daniel 21st Jul 2013

    I have been with my girlfriend nearly 2 years and come to Thailand frequently staying 2-3 months a time. The problem I have is I am self-employed so for the last 2-3 years I dont have full accounts or a full years earnings. She wants to visit on a holiday visa for at least 3 months is this going to be a problem for me or am I going to have to take up a different Job for 6 months to prove my earnings? Thanks for any input

    taking up employment for 6 months would likely go against your approval. get a report from hmrc for your last years self assessment.

  107. Robin 1st Jul 2013

    I want to get my girlfriend a six month tourist visa to see how we get on living together. do I new to show a certain amount of money in the bank to support her while she is hear

    Yes you must prove you can support her

  108. Joe 12th Jun 2013

    done the app on the website and had to print it out and take it to the VFS - whats the point in that???

    Have to agree Joe and thanks for pointing it out.

  109. Paul Aslett 21st Mar 2013

    Debbie you cannot switch categories from a family visit visa to a settlement visa.

    Your son must meet the new financial requirements. 18600 per Gross Employed 6 months or more with wage slips etc. The visa must be applied for in Thailand & the applicant must pass the A1 English test and an x-ray.

    Paul is correct.

  110. Debbie 10th Mar 2013


    Found your site after much trawling of the net and more grey hair! Defo feel like a little fish in a great big shark pool!!!!

    My eldest son's wife (married in Thailand) is staying with us and has a 6 month family visitor visa. We are wanting to make her stay more permanant but really not sure what is the best way to go about it. There's so much conflicting advice, its all so scarey!! Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks and very best regards :O)

    Have emailed you Debbie - advice costs nothing in my opinion

  111. julie 20th Feb 2013

    Hi My son is needing to come home from Thailand for a while due to ill health of both his sons out there. He has been with his partner for 7 years and 2 kids 3 and 1 year. They visited last year for 6 month but could not return home as she was pregnant and hospital would not issue fit to fly due to medical problems. She applied for a visa extension and was refused. They appealed went to court and it was overruled as they was no way she could get home without flying !. She had baby here so he is British and they paid for all medical costs at the hospital.They now want to settle here and live in my house which has 5 beds etc and plenty of room. My son has 2 business in Thailand and will need to sort that out. They are getting married in march when they have to take kids up to BKK to see specialist. She is worried that it says on 6 month visa form have you been denied a visa ( she wasn't denied visa just extension) Should she state it was for extension. They then hope to come over here as long as she gets 6 month visa and then start visa for spouse. Any suggestions re visa they have asked me to write a supporting letter for them stating why they need to come back here. I have already emailed all details of my accommodation, photos utility bills etc

    anachak - yes she was denied a visa extension so she is obliged to inform the VSO about it.

  112. jamie 3rd Feb 2013

    Hi my thai wife came to the uk in octber 2013 on a familey visa now im trying to get a marriage visa and i can not find what visa to get her as it had all changed. do it matter if i live with my parents in a big house i have a rent contract with my parents can you help

    anachak - have emailed you about this Jamie but where you live is not relevant except to clarify you do have somewhere to live

  113. Alan 30th Jan 2013

    Hi anachak,ive just applied for a tourist visa for my thai wife we have been together 4yrs and married since jan 2013,she has been refused 3 times before for a settlement visa so ive gone for a tourist visa(6mths)the only worry i have is my main account goes od i have saving account showing £2250.also my payslips show i earn £1770 pm own my own house(mortgage)my wife lives with her family in khon kaen and works in a factory near to her village,my question is do you think by trying to obtain tourist visa and being successful would she have a better chance of getting her settlement visa once she returns to thailand and we apply again. how long for answer for tourist visa she went to the embassy on friday 18th jan approx 2 weeks ago.thanks

    anachak - the answer to your question is no and the reasons for your previous 3 refusals are relevant to the outcome of a 6 month entry permit application.

  114. Jill cox 22nd Jan 2013

    How would this advise differ if lived and worked in Thailand with girlfriend for 4 years but now wished to return to UK for 2 year minimum with her.

    anachak - This is dependent on many issues such as your ability to provide sponsorship and are you in a registered civil partnership. Assuming you are not means you are not entitled to a spouse or partner visa and can only obtain a 6 month visa.

  115. Jay 21st Jan 2013

    Hi, I've just got back from travelling for 1 month with a thai girl I met, collecting evidence of our relationship as we go, such as plane tickets, visa stamps for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and and pitures of us together in tourist spots, we also visited her mother and daughter and got some photos together and daughters school.

    She would like to visit the UK and stay with me, Im guessing a tourist visa would be the best way to go to start with, I can provide all financial support, accomodation etc and she has a job at her sisters shop to return to in Phuket. Do we need to wait a minimum length of time before appyling for a visa - if so how long?

    Im looking for the quickest route for her to come to the uk, with as much chance of visa approval as possible, Im self employed and have the time and money to return if required to submit application with her as I've read this can help application.

    I can provie invitation letter for her to stay at family owned house in UK and we think we can satisfy all things UK border agency require - as we've already spent a month together would applying for a visa in 2 months be feasable (making it 3 months in total) were keeping phone / email and skype records now and I'll be sending traceable money to her... many thanks if you can help :)

    There is no minimum period requirement. You can apply immediately Jay.

  116. Gary Powell 28th Nov 2012

    My Thai girlfriend has just been refused for 6 months visiting visa for the second time can anyone help me as i have had a solicitor helping me and feel i have got nowhere

    Gary can you email me?

  117. andy 23rd Jul 2012

    Its 3990 baht 80 pound not 600.00 paid it 1month ago,didnt need some of the documentation youv mentioned and shes here next week.. Dee jai mak mak.

    Hi Andy - sounds like you have bought a tourist visa, this thread is about how to get ILR.. I am very happy for you too

  118. steve 18th Jul 2012

    What documents, do i need to get Notary. before i send them to thailand.

    and when showing my current balance. what if it shows that i'm using my overdraft.

    I get asked about money a lot steve

    it is regularity of income and an ability to provide that the ECO needs to satisfy, not how much you earn or have in savings.

    As for notorial certification, it is not a requirement. If you are supplying copies of your passport you must sign each copy. All other documentation must be originals.

    NOTE: This rule has now changed so please check the rules above

  119. steve 15th Jul 2012

    Thanks for that. also i don't have original phone bill statements. my phone is a pay as you go. the only way is to copy them from my on line web account, is that ok. and i'm not to sure when copying emails, do i have to copy one at time on sheet of paper or can put more the same paper.

    print-outs of statements are allowed and it is ok to print more than one thing on one sheet of paper. What matters to the ECO is to be able to find your evidence quickly

  120. Steve 14th Jul 2012

    Hi, started doing my paper work, but i'm not to sure when i copy the originals documents and receipts, Photos, top phone cards. can i copy more then one of the originals on to a sheet of paper. or this will take lots of paper if only copying one at a time.

    Hi Steve - You don't need to send copies of photos and phone cards. You MUST send the originals. email me if you're unsure

  121. ALAN 6th Jul 2012

    took about 3 months in total just got back from thailand with my wife and daughter lots of forms and stress but now i have my family in england reading your page made it much easier now i am complete

    That's great news Alan - congratulations

  122. alan 1st Feb 2012

    thanks for your reply,i'm married legal with my wife,we got married at the office last year the 100,000 baht is for the daughter as well,the price i am told now for my wife and her daughter is 81,000 baht she already had her hospital check up she just needs the english test but the agency at xmas told me it might be getting scrapped we are now going to do it ourselves i own my own home and everything got passed on her last visit so i hope we have no problems alan...

  123. anachak 30th Jan 2012

    I have not heard that the English test is to stop and I cannot find any information to support that

    obtaining a spouse visa requires more than a tourist visa in that you must be able to support her on arrival and you must prove you are married but a 100k? - they are getting greedy. As well as not practising legally - do it yourself is always my advice

  124. alan gregory 30th Jan 2012

    hey rich i have searched high and low about the visa,i am all ready married to my thai wife she came over last year on a six month visa,no i am abouts to make a full time visa,i was going to use a agency but i need the extra money for the flights,i have the paper work from when she came over last time,the agency want 100,000 baht but i think this is way to much as we got the six month one no problem im not the best with paper work but i still have all my paper work from the last time i would be greatful for any help along the way is it true this year the english test stops not that its a problem as my wife speaks english ok alan.....

  125. Leona 26th Aug 2011

    I found your post interesting, but as a 3rd generation Thai living in the UK I think your deluding yourself. I meet a lot of these type women and you should hear how they brag. I doubt they'll say that to you if you wasnt white or had your own house. Its not a co-incident they're all with older men. But you seem to prefer the dream.

    My dream is that 3rd Gen Thai's learn to spell properly. Your mother must be very proud that you have underachieved so successfully

  126. Kevin Obrien 27th Mar 2011

    I have searched high and low for this kind of information,Thank you very much I feel a lot more comfortable doing this myself now.

    You deserve an award !

  127. anonymous 17th Sep 2010

    Thanks Rich (hope you know who I am as I dont want to post my name. You know why)

    we can now carry on as planned and will should be home by xmas

  128. Mike Austin 19th Apr 2010

    Rich, you the man. Thanks soo much for your advise in helping me get my Visa (without an agent) first time. Joy and I will be very happy to be with each other soon and this is partly down to your advice. EVERYBODY, listen to Rich and you can't go wrong. Thanks again.

  129. Dee 26th Mar 2010

    Thanks for the advice - it was as easy as you said and Tum can come to England on May 1st.

    We are both thrilled especially after being turned down twice before.

    Once again - Thank You