1. carl duthoit 13th Oct 2017

    does my thai wife need a birth certificate for uk spouse visa. - No she must have a current passport and tabian bahn (house registration)

  2. ryan 9th Oct 2017

    Hi I'm about to apply for a standard visitors visa for my girlfriend but I'm only 22 and still live with my mum just wondering weather this will affect the application in anyway? - No. All the rules are the same regardless of age and housing circumstances. You need to prove you can finance her visit and that you can provide a roof over her head.

  3. Arnold 3rd Sep 2017

    Hi, I've recently started caring for my grandmother and I need to find another £80 ish per week to meet adequate maintenance.. all of my friends and family seem to be self employed and do their own tax returns. Do you think it's a bit dodgey asking one of them for a letter of sponsorship ( or possibly a part time job to bump up my weekly income) They would have their bank statements and tax return papers but no accountants confirmation letters etc. I know that for self employed sponsors they need bags and bags of proof and confirmation. Would they go easier on a 3rd party sponsor? I'm thinking maybe get a part time job on the books with payslips etc to be sure do you think it's more wise? Thanks. - It is within the rules for you to get another job to top up your income. A thrid party would probably be decided as unreliable.

  4. GARETH JONES 18th Aug 2017

    My girlfriend as done all the visa papers online herself so just to make sure i get all paperwork work right my side. I need a p60 letter of my boss. Do I need to have £5000.00 in my bank account and do I need photos of my house thanks - Money is something you have to calculate and yes you need to prove you can house her.

  5. Steve 12th Aug 2017

    I can do everything that is asked of me in the article except I have 2 issues, I only earn 15000 pound a year and I haven't been sending her money. Can we still make a successful application with these two issues? Yes - you can ask someone else to help you sponsor or sponsor for you or you can use savings, pensions, bonds etc

  6. Michael 29th May 2017

    I first messaged my thai girlfriend in October 2016. I met her in Bangkok for 10 days in May. I am applying for a tourist visa in August for her to meet my family and friends in the UK. She has a letter from her Hotel manager confirming the trip for 16 days, her salary, job title as chef, and keeping her job open. Is there a minimum number of visits to see her required so do I need to visit her in Bangkok a 2nd time or 3rd time before I apply for the tourist visa? - No