1. Sarah 25th Jun 2018

    Do you have to intend to marry them? Is this obligatory? No civil ceremony or declaration are acceptable but this page is about spouse visa application

  2. Sarah 25th Jun 2018

    How much do you need to be supporting her with? If you’ve only got together with her 2 weeks before you left Thailand but have known her for 8 years through family would this go against you? No because there are no time limits

  3. Richard 18th Dec 2017


    Does my wife need to write a cover letter as well as my letter of support - No not really but everything helps especially letters from family members etc

  4. david shaw 11th Dec 2017

    hi i have treid non many occasion to apply for my thai girlfriend for a uk visitirs visa she doies not have a fulltime jiob but ion herpassport hse has travelled with different men to ie Australia .New Zealand India Singapore , Hong Kong I no she went with other men but we have been serious for 5 years now , I keep getting reply from Visa regarding the validity of her and her travel before we met

    I am begging to loos my pataince now and thinking fo moving ton - Are you submitting copies of the passport pages that show entry and exit from those other countries?

  5. carl duthoit 13th Oct 2017

    does my thai wife need a birth certificate for uk spouse visa. - No she must have a current passport and tabian bahn (house registration)

  6. ryan 9th Oct 2017

    Hi I'm about to apply for a standard visitors visa for my girlfriend but I'm only 22 and still live with my mum just wondering weather this will affect the application in anyway? - No. All the rules are the same regardless of age and housing circumstances. You need to prove you can finance her visit and that you can provide a roof over her head.