Thailand Visa Requirement

Last updated: 5th Jan 2015

visa for tourist

Visa free entry

If you are going for a two week vacation you will be given entry to Thailand without a visa.
During the flight you will be given a landing card that you must fill in before arrival at immigration.

This arrival and departure card will give you permission to remain in Thailand for up to 30 days including the day you arrived and your day of departure.
You must have a minimum six months before your passport expires and one empty page.

There are no taxes on entry or departure and the airport duty is included with your airline ticket.
You need proof of onward or return travel. This is a legal requirement though I am assured by check in girls everywhere that it is not enforced.

If you cross a border into a neighbouring country while on holiday your visa free stay is terminated and your passport stamped as exited. On return to Thailand you will be issued with another 30 day visa free arrival card. You will not be issued with a third arrival card until 12 months after your first visa free exit stamp. The rule is now two visa free entries in any 12 month period.

Latest confirmation from the Thai Consul in the UK:
You may enter the Kingdom of Thailand without a visa providing the following conditions are ALL fulfilled.

1. Your Passport is on a list of passports approved for this purpose.
2. Your visit to the Kingdom of Thailand is for tourism purposes only.
3. You hold a confirmed air ticket to leave the Kingdom within 30 days direct from a Thai airport.
    You must travel by air and travel from an an airport outside of Thailand does not count.

Geoff howard - The Hon Consul to Thailand.

60 day multiple entry tourist visa's

In the UK you can obtain a 60 day triple entry visa from the Royal Thai Consulate in Hull by post or in person in Hull or London.
You need to print the form at and call them to check the fee on 01482 581668 as at the time of writing this it is £28.00 per entry to British passport holders.

You may also apply for a 30 day visa extension. The extension does not entitle you to stay for 90 days. You must pass through an immigration check point to get the visa extension stamped. Each visa is not valid until stamped but must be used within 90 days of issue consecutively.

This means if you wish to travel on 01/06 you should not apply for a multiple entry visa before 28/02.
The first visa must be stamped within 90 days of issue and allows you to stay for 60 days. If you leave the country, the second visa must be stamped within 90 days of your leaving. Or you can use the two visas back to back. You do not necessarily have to leave the country for any period to get your extension stamped and it can be stamped at any immigration office.

If your requirement is complex and you are not sure either ask the Thai Consulate or try the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum.

All other visa types

For any other visa requirement or work permit information call the Thai Consulate on 01482 581 668 and make an appointment to visit at Priory Park West, Saxon Way, Hessle, North Humberside HU13 9PB.

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