Wat Pa Luangtabua Yannasampanno

My thoughts

IMPORTANT : Things have changed greatly recently and I wish to make it clear that I will no longer defend the Tiger Temple.
The DNP has now removed all of the tigers from the Temple grounds and there are outstanding issues that I do not wish to be associated with and would seemingly support the gross claims made previously by Sybelle Foxcroft.

Supporters of and at the Temple still defend the place and I understand the desire but those supporters are ALL volunteers and I suspect ALL of them are NOT Buddhists. If they were they would be able to see beyond the immediate problems.

I agree that the Temple was subject to some pretty intense victimisation and a great deal of it unfairly. I also know that the ex-vet Dr Somchai was responsible for the questionable practices at the Temple but they are all missing the point:
This is a Buddhist Temple, a place in touch with nature, a place where nurturing, feeding, nursing wildlife is a good thing. Dead tiger cubs in a freezer is NOT a good thing. A monk from the temple escaping with a truck load of tiger body parts is NOT a good thing.

The claim that the freezing of dead cubs was an instruction from Dr Somchai is ludicrous. If you knew those cubs were in the freezer you should have been questioning it. Buddhists do NOT freeze the dead. It is grossly offensive to the animal's spirit. Any dead creature MUST either be eaten or burned. What is more, if you knew Dr Somchai ordered the freezing then you also knew they were in the freezer, and that makes you an accessory to an International crime. Volunteering at the temple with this knowledge would be foolhardy.

All of you who knew about those dead cubs are guilty.

Another excuse is that workers didn't know about the freezer. That doesn't get you off the hook either. The Temple was under a High Court ruling to not breed any more cubs and the Temple ignored that. You knew that was happening and you knew that new-born were disappearing.

I think the tiger temple has had its' day, it is time to close it down, time to bring the Monks responsible to justice. They should not, and especially the Abbot, be allowed to hide behind Temple sanctity. In the past they had a nice little thing going as a temple with a unique twist. It is a sad loss of what could have been a great retreat and it is noticable that material like Sybelle visiting to inspect the tiger island video has disappeared from the web. They are all cynics who sneered at the Tiger Temple instead of trying to fix it. Fifteen years ago it was not like the exaggerated allegations and that is why I am leaving the old material on my website. Nothing would make me want to defend recent discoveries but I will vigorously oppose the persecution of the past which is likely a contributory factor to recent events.

The investors and owners of the Tiger Temple show their true colours by trying to open a zoo on the same theme as the Temple on neighbouring land. Yes you own this land and you already have a zoo licence for it and a breeding licence but it is insensitive to pursue an alternative operation so quickly. The authorities should revoke your licences pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.