Wat Pa Luangtabua Yannasampanno

The temple today

more to follow soon but have a look at this video recently brought to my attention by its' owner

When I am able to get over to Sai Yok again I will be posting evidence of things I have been told are now complete such as:
The completed Tiger Island - the one the CWI still says does not exist. Filmed by Sybelle Foxcroft in which she states the fencing etc is to the standard she specified. She has since retracted that statement but it was filmed by CBS so is a little difficult to undo.
The holding cages have been improved to a reasonable standard - filmed by the BBC
The breeding program has proven to be sustainable.
The big cat diet invented by the temple is showing signs of healthy cat development.

And the CWI? - they still maintain their unsubstantiated claims.

Since writing the above in 2015 things have changed again. I think it sad that the persecution won but that's the way the World is. Today the Temple grounds do look idyllic but as Sybelle pointed out - it's what's behind the cloak of buddah..